How to Save Hundreds of Pounds in 20 Minutes!

“My boiler is heating the house so I don’t need to get it serviced, right?” Wrong.

While your boiler may be still providing heat to your house adequately, it’s performance might have lowered over the last few months without you realising, meaning you’re getting less heat for the same price.

Lets go over some of the other reasons why regular boiler servicing is essential.

Peace of mind and protection for the whole family

A faulty boiler can have harmful effects on your household. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a big risk with a faulty boiler and causes around 250 hospitalisations a year in England & Wales. Your boiler may seem fine now, but you don’t want to leave the servicing to the last minute, do you?

During a boiler service, a Gas Safe registered engineer will check for leaks and issues, and will make sure the boiler is completely safe before leaving, helping to keep your family safe.

Putting it off can have bad repercussions

Any crack left unattended can result in more cracks in the future. The same can be said about your boiler.By having a regular boiler servicing, you can ensure your boiler is up to scratch and as a result, save money on future repairs. Our engineers will detect and fix any minor problems to help avoid future malfunctions and costly repairs rather than you leaving it for another month and it being costly.

You could save money on your energy bills

While servicing is an expense, it can be the difference between a small fee or a big fee in the future. The more efficient a boiler is, the less it costs to run.

If you’re a landlord, it’s a legal requirement

Landlords are required by law to have a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer annually visit their owned properties to conduct checks on any gas appliances and flues to ensure everything is up to regulations, including boilers. Keep in mind that landlords are not responsible for safety checks on any gas appliances owned by you, or any flues that solely connect to your own gas appliances.

It only takes around 20 minutes

20 minutes to save tons of money? Why didn’t you say so!
Boiler servicing involves an engineer inspecting your boiler and its controls to make sure they’re working properly. They’ll then check for corrosion and leaks, correct gas pressure, and any unsafe fumes coming from the flues. Once finishing with their inspection, your engineer should leave you with a boiler checklist of information. Make sure you keep it safe for reference afterwards.

You might void insurance policies if you don’t

When taking out a boiler warranty or business insurance policy, you’ll find that some state that you are actually required to complete an annual service to ensure your boiler is safe, otherwise you may void these policies and be out of luck if a future issue does occur. Make sure to double check with your insurance provider just to be sure.

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