How to Get Your Central Heating Working Again

Central heating system not working?

Run through this handy checklist below to see if you can rectify the situation without the need to call an engineer.

  • Are the gas, electric and water supply turned on?
  • Is your house thermostat (if you have one) turned up?
  • Is the house thermostat clock timer on?
  • Is your boiler's pressure gauge (if you have one) at around 1 bar?
  • Has your boiler’s pilot light gone out?
  • Have you tried putting your heating on full to see if any heat comes?
  • Is your boiler timer set to the right time?
  • Has there been a power cut recently? Your central heating timer might have returned to its factory settings so you'll need to reset it
  • Is there a reset switch on the front of your boiler? Check your boiler manual for more information about using this switch.
  • The old reliable, have you tried turning the boiler on and off again?
  • Have your pipes frozen?
  • Check the pressure gauge on your boiler is set at 1 bar. There might be instructions on how to repressurise it on the side of your boiler, or check out these handy tutorials:

IMPORTANT: If your boiler panel needs tools to remove it, don't touch it. Instead, book one of our engineers to take a look. Call us on 07740405281.
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