A Step-By-Step Guide to Boiler Installations

The words “Boiler installation” may sound like a complex, time-consuming undertaking, but our gas engineers make sure to have the job done as quickly, simply and effectively as possible. Let’s go through the process of what our engineers will be doing for your commercial or domestic boiler installation.

1. Before work begins

Firstly, your Gas Safe engineer will make sure to go through the basics with you, such as asking how many radiators and bathrooms you have, if you know your boiler’s current water pressure and what the positioning of the current boiler and flue is. They will then cover the floors and carpets surrounding the boiler, have all the right materials ready to start, adhere to all legislation, and make sure they leave no trace of their visit, other than leaving happy clients of course.

2. Work begins

As a starting point to put you at ease, engineers should have the job finished by the end of the day, if not earlier. Although if the boiler is a much older system than the currently installed one, or you’re completely changing boiler type, there may be some complications that cause the installation to run longer than usual, but the engineer should make that clear upon inspection.

3. Get a fixed quote

Boiler installation costs can be expensive and quotes can vary wildly, with a typical boiler installation costing anywhere between £3,000 and £5,000. They depend on whether it’s a basic like-for-like switch to a newer model, or a complete system change, with Powerflushes and additional pipework. Get a fixed price quote upfront to avoid any nasty surprises via our website.

4. Getting the right documentation

To comply with Building Regulations and Gas Safe rules, all Gas Safe businesses need to notify the local authorities whenever they install a new gas appliance. And they should give you a Building Regulations Certificate, as well as a completed Benchmark Certificate, to prove compliance. Be sure to query this if it doesn’t happen.

5. What happens after the installation?

Most reputable companies will offer you a guarantee on their services so make sure to check with our engineer or give us a call beforehand for peace of mind. You can also call us if you feel the engineer has done an unsatisfactory job and we’ll see what we can do. But with our Gas Safe engineers, you shouldn’t have to worry.

And that’s the whole process! Hopefully you feel a more confident in going through with our boiler installation servicing, but as mentioned before, if you have any concerns or general questions please feel free to contact us on 01752 695050. We are continuing to provide the best boiler servicing, boiler repair and commercial heating in Plymouth. 

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